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Flametect NX2 Marine Flame Retardant.

Marine Fire Retardant - MCA MGN453
Certificate number 53/00048

"Eco-Sol Ltd" manufactured and developed Flametect NX2 in partnership with our accredited service provider both have been audited by BTTG the Nominated UK Body.

Our combined expertise in textile knowledge and marine safety means that we can confidently state that our customers benefit from in excess of 60 years of technical experience.  

We also have the added benefit of experienced Mariners within the partnership who fully understand the complexities and importance of performing to the regulations procedures. 

Flametect NX2 has been tested on more materials than any other in the industry. Providing the most complete portfolio of test reports so that we can confidently certify the vessel. 

Flametect NX2 is fully approved to IMO 2010 Fire Test Procedures Code ( FTP ) Code.

The Flametect NX2 Marine Range has been developed to exceed the performance standards required.
Only Applied By Trained and Licensed professionals
Non Hygroscopic
Non Corrosive
Safe on most  materials. Including Silks and Viscose materials.

All flame retardants under MGN 453 complying to IMO 2010 ( FTP ) Code must be applied by a Service Provider that is approved by a Nominated UK Body appointed under Statutory Instrument 1999 1957 to ensure compliance to the Code.

A range of textiles have been treated with flame retardant Flametect NX2  & have been tested to the exact requirements for Bedding , Upholstery, Curtains & Drapes & Floor & Wall Coverings of IMO 2010 ( FTP ) Code.

Flametect NX2 is uniquely Skin- Friendly, Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly.

Flametect NX2 also contains a Virocide, Biocide & Fungicide that is particularly effective against Noro Virus, MRSA, MSSA, Mold & Mildew.

Eco-Sol Ltd & our partners have the resources & ability to apply NX2 Internationally.

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