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Steel Coatings


HENSOTHERM® fire protection systems for steel for use in Germany and Europe by ​​​​​​​

European Standard (EN) | ETA
HENSOTHERM® fire protection systems for steel are in use all over the world and approved by the construction authorities in accordance with the European Standard EN for use in Europe according to the European Technical Assessment (ETA) and have further international certificates in accordance with the British Standard BS 476 for use in Europe and Middle East, the Vereinigung Kantonaler Feuerversicherungen VKF for use in Switzerland, the Underwriters Laboratories UL 263 for use in the USA and Canada and Gossudarstwenny Standard GOST for use in areas belonging to the Russian Federation. Our HENSOTHERM® fire protection products are intumescent coatings and are thus foaming in case of fire.

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HENSOTHERM® 370 KS | R15 – R120

Solvent-based 1C system, maintenance-free, for interior / exterior use

£0.00 (ex. VAT)
HENSOTHERM® 461 KS | R15 – R90  25KG

Water-based 1C system, maintenance-free, for indoor use

£175.00 (ex. VAT)
HENSOTHERM® 471 KS | R15 – R180

Water-based 1C system, maintenance-free, for interior use 

£191.67 (ex. VAT)
HENSOGRUND WB Green  (Primer) 20KG

HENSOGRUND WB "Green" water based, single pack acrylic primer for structural steel members derusted by hand, galvanised or blasted

£135.00 (ex. VAT)