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Sika Pyroplast Clear Base Coat

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Sika Pyroplast Wood T is a transparent intumescent Varnish . This is a 2 coat system. 5kg Sufficient to coat 16.7m2
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Sika Pyroplast Wood T is a transparent intumescent aqueous coating , a Clear fire protection coating which forms a carbon char when subjected to heat.

This Pack Contains Sufficient Base to coat 16.7 Square metre.
You will also need : Pyroplast T top coat link to page

Sika Pyroplast Wood T provides spread-of-flame protection  reducing the spread of fire to wood and wood derivatives.
Sika Pyroplast Wood T provides optimal clarity. An intumescant clear varnish which does not suffer from the milky finish of similar products. 


Reduction of ignitability of soft and hardwood ≥ 10 mm thickness and other timber derivatives, i. e. plywood, chipboard, fibre insulation board, hardboard and also on veneers ≥ 12 mm thickness. Insulates against heat, checks fire, prevents propagation of fire and spread of flame and diminishes flue-gas temperatures.

Sika Pyroplast T should not be used in areas of high humidity, heat sources or on surfaces where significant physical impact is likely such as floors, stairs etc.


  • Water based coating system
  • VOC: approx. 40 g/l
  • Free of aromatic solvents
  • Low material consumption
  • Simple application
  • No additional statical load of coating


Approval / Standards:

Sika Pyroplast Wood T is thoroughly tested to ensure that the coating performs in all conditions and has been successfully tested and classified to many standards worldwide including EN 13501-1 and BS 476 part 6/7.

See technical Tab for further information and Download Data

Product Download:  

Sika Pyroplast Clear T Product Data

SIka Pyroplast Transparent Test Data


Sika Pyroplast SDS  


Colour Shades:

Sika Pyroplast Wood T Primer: transparent

Sika Pyroplast Wood T: transparent

Sika Pyroplast Wood Top T: matt or satin gloss


Sika Pyroplast Wood T Primer: 5 kg, net weight

Sika Pyroplast Wood T: 5 kg and 25 kg, net weight

Sika Pyroplast Wood Top T: 2.5 kg and 10 kg, net weight

Imdg-Code-No   Not applicable

SHELF LIFE   18 months, in cool and dry storage conditions and original unopened containers.

Protect against frost!


Coating Systems:

Tie coat (if necessary), Sika Pyroplast Wood T Primer

Intumescent coating, Sika Pyroplast Wood T

Finish Sealer, Sika Pyroplast Wood Top T

Surface Preparation:

Substrate must be dry, free from dust, oil, wax, grease, dirt, resin, etc; Existing coatings with poor adhesion have to be completely removed, e.g. with solvent-based paint stripper or to be rubbed down. Surfaces that have been treated with non-acid resistant coatings or release agents such as emulsion paints containing lime, chalk or lithopone should be rubbed down completely. Timber substrates with wetting difficulties should be roughened thoroughly with abrasive paper. The moisture content of the timber should be below 15%.

Pre-Treatment with Wood Preservatives:

If resistance to wet rot, fungi or insect attack is requested, we recommend using commercial preservative agents based on oil alkyd resins provided they are compatible with the Sika Pyroplast fire protection system. Apply Sika Pyroplast fire protection coating system only after the preservative treatment is completely dry.


Mass Density:

Sika Pyroplast Wood T Primer: approx. 1.00 g/cm³ at +20° C

Sika Pyroplast Wood T transparent:  approx. 1.33 g/cm³ at +20° C

Sika Pyroplast Wood Top T:  approx. 0.98 g/cm³ at +20° C

Solids By Weight:

Sika Pyroplast Wood T Primer: approx. 65% (according to EN ISO 3251)

Sika Pyroplast Wood T:  approx. 63% (according to EN ISO 3251)

Sika Pyroplast Wood Top T:  approx. 50% (according to EN ISO 3251)

Flash Point:

Sika Pyroplast Wood T Primer: not applicable

Sika Pyroplast Wood T: not applicable

Sika Pyroplast Wood Top T:  approx. +61°C

Material Consumption:

  • 1 x60g/m² Sika Pyroplast Wood T Primer (if necessary)
  • 1 x300g/m² Sika Pyroplast Wood T (Wood class D > 12 mm) or
  • 1 x350g/m² Sika Pyroplast Wood T  (Wood class D > 10 – 12 mm) plus
  • 1 x50g/m² Sika Pyroplast Wood Top T

Consumption rates are based on fire performance according EN 13501-1

B   EN 13823 FIGRA ≤ 120 W/s and LFS  < edge of specimen and THR600s ≤ 7,5 MJ


EN ISO 11925-2 Exposure = 30s Fs < 150mm within 60 s

s1   SMOGRA ≤ 30 m² / s2 und TSP 600s ≤ 50 m²

d0 No flaming droplets/particles in EN 13823 with 600 sj; If consumption rates for alternative standards are requested, please consult the Technical Department of Sika Deutschland GmbH.


Preparation of Material:

Stir thoroughly, free of lumps.

The method of application has a major effect on achieving uniform thickness and appearance. Spray application will give the best results. The indicated dry film thickness is easily achieved by airless spray in case of an application by roller or brush, additional layers may become necessary to achieve the required coating thickness, depending on type of construction, site conditions, colour shade etc. Prior to application, a trial on site may be useful to ensure that the selected application method will provide the requested results.

Airless Spraying:

  • Material shall be applied undiluted
  • Airless spray equipment with pressure ratio ≥ 30:1
  • Filters should be removed
  • Hose diameter not below 3/8 “
  • Whipline ¼ ” may be used
  • Recommended nozzle size for Sika Pyroplast Wood T:
  • 0.028 – 038 mm or 0.011 – 0.015 inch
  • Recommended nozzle size for Sika Pyroplast Wood Top T:
  • 0.028 – 0.38 mm or 0.011 – 0.015 inch
  • Solvent resistant hoses must be used!

Apply two coats of Sika Pyroplast Wood T to load of 175 g/m² each coat, in order to obtain a very smooth finish by cutting down wooden fibres, light sanding after the first coat may be recommended (i.e. with 150 grade paper).

Above data shall be used as a guideline with variations being made to suit local conditions.

 Brushing and Rolling:

  • Material shall be applied in supply viscosity
  • Load natural fine bristle brushes or short pile lambswool rollers are recommended
  • Application of two coats of Sika Pyroplat Wood T to a load of 175  g/m² each coat is recommended

 Application Conditions:

Sika Pyroplast Wood T Primer, Sika Pyroplast Wood T and

Sika Pyroplast Wood Top T:

Object temperature shall be at least ≥ 3 K above dew point

In case relative humidity exceeds 80% special measures must be taken to prevent the condensation forming while application.

At high moisture content of the timber (>15%), the coating is unlikely to dry satisfactory.




Eco-Sol Ltd has over 30 years experience in Timber and Textile Fire Retardant treatments for domestic and International markets.

Our range fire retardant products are of the highest standard and are highly competitive in cost and performance. We manufacture in-house in the UK.

Our role at Eco-Sol Ltd is to provide low risk and highly effective versions of Industrial, Textile, Timber treatments, to Industry & the general public that are safe & "Environmentally Green" as Possible.

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