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Product Description

HENSOMASTIK® K 2000 special adhesive

HENSOMASTIK® K 2000 is a flexible special adhesive. It bonds fire-protection boards with additional mechanical fixing, serves as an installation aid when working with insulating materials and assists when bonding and sealing fire-protection boards for the construction of ventilation systems.

Its high degree of elasticity makes it suitable for joining materials with very different coefficients of thermal expansion, as well. HENSOMASTIK® K 2000 is therefore used in the construction of railway carriages to fix insulating material between exterior sheet metal panels and interior cladding, for example.

Product characteristics

  • Classified in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1 as A2-s1, d0 when 400 g/m2 are applied
  • Classification in accordance with DIN EN 45545-2
  • Organic material, permanently flexible – does not become brittle
  • Temperature resistant to +750 °C


• Classification according to DIN EN 13501-1, A2 – s1, d0 this corresponds with DIN 5510-2: S5, SR2, ST2

• Classification Report No. FLT KE4197908
• Classification according to UNE 23721: class M1
• Fulfills the requirements of R1 HL3 according to EN 45545-2:2016 • Exova Warringtonfire Test Report No. 2014-2265-1


• Incombustible adhesive joints
• Bonding of building materials with different coefficients of expansion

(e.g. fixation of isolation/insulation material between the inner and

outer walls in wagon construction)
• Bonding of fireproof boards to concrete or aerated concrete with

additional mechanical fastening
• Fixing and sealing of fireproof boards for ventilation ducts • Installation aid for the processing of insulation materials


• Building material classification A2 (non combustible) • Solvent-free
• Organic
• Colourless

• Permanent elastic (does not become brittle)
• Ready for spraying or viscous material available


• The adhesive has to be stirred thouroughly before use
• Surfaces shall be free from any contamination!
• Temperature during application and drying > + 5 °C
• Substrate temperature should be at least + 3 °C above dew point

and in any case above 0 °C! •Workabilitytimeat+20°Cambienttemperature andarelative

humidity of 65 % = 15 minutes
• If materials of different densities should be glueed, the adhesive

must be applied onto the material with the higher density
• Coverage rate depends on the structure of the material surfaces

and purpose: 0.1 to 1.5 kg/m2
• Before joining parts, especially overhead or vertically, an 8 to

20 minutes interval of airing is recommended to guarantee an

instant fixing, bonding of parts under pressure
• Clean working tools and spraying machines if work is interrupted for more than 20 minutes immediately with water or pump ­HENSOMASTIK®­K­2000 "in the circle"

HENSOMASTIK®­K­2000,­ready­ for­ spraying:­

• Application by airless spraying machine possible,
e.g. WIWA Phoenix 6552 (compressed air) or comparable

• Airless spray gun tip size 0.013" – 0.015"



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HENSOMASTIK® K 2000 Class A Adhesive

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Available in Sprayable, or a Viscous paste for comb application and 350ml gun Cartridge.