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It Is Non Corrosive To Metals & Other Aircraft Components

Will Flametect Sprays Bring My Aircraft Textiles Up To CAA Specifications ?

In Most Cases Yes, Flametect Nitro Is Preferable As Unlike Other Spray On Flame Retardants It Is Non Corrosive To Metals & Other Aircraft Components. Aircraft Contractors, Designers & Overhaul Personnel Please Contact Us For Specific Flame Retardants For Your Industry Not Available On This Website Including Leather Flame Retardants.

Buildings & Construction

Can Building Materials Such as Wood, MDF, ChipBoard & Other Construction Materials Be Brought Up To Current UK Flammability Standards Using Flame Retardant Sprays?

In Most Cases Yes, There Are Many Building Flammability Regulations. The Most Frequently Encountered Is BS 476 ( Surface Spread Of Flame) Most Materials Capable Of Absorbing Or Allowing Attachment Of Water-Based Flame Retardants Can Be Treated To Meet These Standards Our Products Are Frequently Used To Provide Temporary Wood & Material Fire Resistant Barriers Internally On Construction Sites PLEASE NOTE OUR NITRO FLAME RETARDANT IS NON-CORROSIVE Architects, Designers, & Builders Please Contact Us For Advice Regarding A Range Of Specialist Flame Retardants Not Available On This Website.

Boats & Ships

Can You Provide Flame Retardant Sprays For Boats & Ships?

Yes For Complete Peace Of Mind Use Flametect Nitro On All Internal Fabrics For Textiles In Contact With Wet Sailing Clothing Use Nitro D When Seeking Certification For Chartering , Skippered Or Self Hire, Flame Retardant Textiles Are Usually Mandatory For Larger & Commercial Vessels We Can Supply Intumescent ( Fire-Proof ) Paints & Varnishes For Wood, GRP & Steel, Ideal For Engine Rooms & Galleys. Ask Us About Our Anti – Microbial / Anti Fungal Treatments & Stain Protectors For Marine & Other Textiles.

Curtains , Drapes , Carpeting & Rugs

Will Fire Proof Sprays Prevent My Curtains & Carpeting From Catching Fire ?

In Most Cases Yes If Your Curtains , Drapes & Carpets Are Made Of Natural Materials Use Flametect C If They Are Made Of Synthetic Materials Use Flametect Nitro If You Are Unsure Of The Material Use Flametect Nitro As It Works On Natural, Synthetic & Mixed Fibre Textiles , Enabling The Textiles To Achieve BS 5867 Part 2 Type B ( Curtains & Drapes In Public Buildings ) Currently We Supply Theatres, Cinemas, Opera Companies Major Hotel Groups & Independents, Inns , Residential Homes, Day Care Centres, Nurseries, Schools, Universities, Shops & Stores, Secure Units, Prisons, Oil Rigs In Fact Everywhere The Public Has Access.

There Are No Current Regulations For Homes, However Flame Retardant Curtains Can Give You Peace Of Mind In The Home.

Displays, Stores & Art

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Individual Artists Alike With Flame Retardants To Treat Their Displays

Can My Store Display Or Art Display Be Made Flame Retardant To Protect My Customers & Satisfy Safety Regulations Using Flame Retardant Sprays?

Yes We Supply The Design Departments Of Well –Known High Street Stores & Individual Artists Alike With Flame Retardants To Treat Their Displays Usually To BS 476 Or BS 5867 To Allow Them To Be Displayed With Safety & Satisfying Current Regulations In Retail & Commercial Environments Flame Retardant Textiles Are Mandatory In Conjunction With Stage & Store Lighting Displays.


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Flametect C & Flametect Nitro Are Green & Classified As Non Hazardous

Are Your Flame Retardants Environmentally Friendly ?

Yes Our Flametect C & Flametect Nitro Are Green & Classified As Non Hazardous & We Work With & Supply Eco-Industries With Flame Retardants, However There Are Some Specialist Flame Retardants In Our Range That Are Not Available To The General Public That Can Be Considered As Not "Green" We Have A "Green Policy" & Where Technology Allows & Our Chemists Can Formulate "Green "Alternatives We Always Pursue The "Green" Route.

Foliage Artificial

Can Artificial Foliage & Flowers Be Flame Retarded For Commercial Displays ?

Yes Our Nitro Flame Retardant Can Be Used To Flame Retard Natural & Synthetic Fibre Artificial Foliage Ironically No Standard Currently Exists For Flammability In Artificial Foliage, However We Have Adopted A Toy Standard BS 5665 Pt 2 EN 71-2 As Being A Suitable Standard To Test These Products.


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A Range Of Washable Flame Retardants

Can We Flame Retard Garments Using Your Flame Retardants ?

Yes With Reservations. Our Flametect Nitro & Nitro D Are Skin Friendly & Can Be Applied To Garments To Impart A High Degree Of Flame Resistance However They Are At Best Water Resistant , Not Totally Wash / Water Proof & Should Not Be Regarded As A Permanent Answer To Flame Retardant Clothing If You Decide To Flame Retard Garments Using Flametect Nitro, Retreat Following Each Wash Some Motor Sport Enthusiasts Choose Flametect Nitro To Flame Retard Conventional Cotton /Cotton Polyester Overalls. The Finished Item Does Not Give The Same Degree Of Protection As Nomex Suits For Example Several Of Our Customers Are Fire Eaters, Actors & Exotic Dancers Who Use Fire Proof Sprays on Their Garments & Stage Props To Minimise Risk.

We Manufacture A Range Of Washable Flame Retardants For Commercial Application Only To Work Wear & Other Garments.

Hotels & Inns

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Supplier Of Flame Retardants To A Major International Hotel Group

Can Hotel Textiles Curtains & Drapes, Bedding Overthrows Etc Be Treated To Render Them Fire Resistant ?

Very Definitely Yes, This Is A Large Area Of Our Operation, & We Are Fortunate Enough To Be Sole Supplier Of Flame Retardants To A Major International Hotel Group. Some Hotels Opt For Inherently Flame Retardant Materials, These Materials Are Very Expensive, & The Choice Of Designs Very Limited Other Hotels Still Purchase These Materials & Enhance The Safety Of These Textiles With A Bi –Annual Treatment Of Flame Retardant Or Following Laundering Whilst Some Hotels Purchase Non – Flame Retardant Curtains Treat & Test & Again Reinforce The Flammability Standard , With A Bi Annual Treatment, Or Following Laundering. Please Note Our Nitro Range of Products Are Skin Friendly.

Heritage Trusts, Listed Buildings & Antique Furnishings

Can Antique Textiles Tapestries & Other Materials Be Treated With Fire Proof Sprays To Prevent Accidental Or Deliberate Ignition In Historic Buildings?

In Many Cases Yes, It Is Best To Test A Small Inconspicuous Area First, Flametect Nitro Is Recommended As It Will Not React With Metallic Yarns Or Similar Elements & It Will Protect These Irreplaceable Textiles From Ignition Similarly Where Antique Fabrics Are Replicated, As A Matter Of Course These Should Be Treated To Achieve A Current Flammability Standard Typically BS 5867.

Insulation -Eco-Friendly

Can I Make Eco – Friendly Insulation From Paper, Textiles & Other Natural Products ?

Yes You Can , On Small Scale / Individual Projects All Our Spray On Products Will Flame Retard These Insulation Products For Larger Commercial Projects Contact Us For Advice on Our "Green" Commercial Products.

Intumescent Paints & Varnishes ( Fire –Proof Paints )

Can You Supply Me With Fire Proof Paints

Very Definitely Yes, We Do Not Manufacture These Ourselves, But Are Sourced From Quality Manufacturers, Delivery Is Typically 5 Working Days & If Certification Is Needed To BS 476 & Other Standards Exact Descriptions & Specifications Are Needed For Quotation Purposes.

Joists Steel RSJs,

We Are Building A Portal Steel Structure & It Has To Be Protected With An Intumescent / Fire Protection Paint, Can You Advise , Supply & Certify ?

Yes. We Can Advise & Supply Intumescent / Fireproof Paints For Steel & Other Structures. We Do Not Manufacture These Paints & Typically Delivery Is Circa 5 Working Days, We Can Advise & Certify To The Relevant Standards, Certification Is Direct From The Paint Manufacturer.

Joists Wooden Inglenook Fire & Hearth Beams

Can We Flame Retard Internal Beams A Other Wooden Structures Using A Fire Proof Spray

Yes Our Flame Retardant Sprays , Especially Flametect C Is Widely Used For Flame Retarding Wooden Internal Structures, Including Wood in Direct Contact With Flame Such As Inglenook Fireplace Beams If Flames Then Come In Contact With The Treated Wood, The Wood Simply Blackens & Not Burns, Giving The Classic Wooden Hearth Type Finish.

Kindergartens ( See Residential Homes, Daycare Centres & Nurseries )

Local Authority Hostels & Housing Trusts

Can Textiles & Other Materials In Relatively Medium / High Risk Areas Be Protected From Fire ?

Yes, Low Cost Textiles Used For Curtains , Drapes & Other Applications Can Be Made Flame Retardant To BS 5867 Part 2 Type B To Protect The Occupants.

Marquees & Tents

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Nitro D Can Be Applied To The Interior Surfaces Of Tent Materials

Can Tents & Marquees Be Flame Retarded For Personal Use & Events

In Most Cases Yes, Nitro D Can Be Applied To The Interior Surfaces Of Tent Materials To Increase Their Resistance To Burning, Nitro D Is Water Resistan Tent Liners & Inners Which Tend To Be The Prime Cause Of Tent & Marquee Fires Can Be Treated with Flametect Nitro, Re-Treat Inners Periodically Or If Laundered. Many Of Our Customers Provide Specialist Themed Tent s & Marquees For Events, All Of These Are Treated With Our Nitro Products We Also Supply To Schools, Colleges & Universities For Marquees For Summer Balls, Presentations & Other Events.

Military & Medical Applications

Please Telephone For Specific Advice & Specialist Products ( See Zones War & Secure ) Some Of Our Flame Retardants Can Have Natural Silver Anti Microbials Added To Them To Protect Against Bacteria Such As MRSA, MSSA & E.coli

Nightclubs & Discos

Can My Special Effect Ceiling Decoration In My Nightclub Be Made Flame Retardant & Safe Using Flame Retardant Sprays ?

In Most Cases Yes, Both Flametect C & Nitro Have Been Used To Flame Retard All Aspects Of Wall & Ceiling Coverings, Including Hessian Sacking, Lycra, Parachute Material, Conventional Textiles, Wood, Straw & Many Other Materials Again We Are Happy To Work With Your Inspection Authorities Again Standards Vary, But Typically BS 5867 Applies To Ceilings & BS 476 To Wallcoverings.

Outbuildings ,Sheds, Garages, Barns & Extensions

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Impregnate The Structure & Protect With Either A Water-Based Varnish Or Paint

I Have Built A Wooden / Flammable Structure On The Extent Of My Property Which Borders My Neighbours Property Or A Public Right Of Way,The Architect /Fire Officer Insists On BS 476 Class 0 Or 1 To Prevent Accidental/Deliberate Ignition Of The Structure, Can You Help ?

Yes The Cheapest Answer Is To Treat With Flametect C, Impregnate The Structure & Protect With Either A Water-Based Varnish Or Paint To Protect Against The Elements Which Will Not Contribute To The Overall Flammability Of The Structure The More Professional Approach Is To Contact Us For Intumescent / Flameproof Paints With Full Certification To The Relevant Standard.

Overseas Supplies

Can You Supply Your Products & Expertise In Flame Retardants Outside The UK ?

Yes We Have Been & Are Currently Involved In Flame Retardant Projects In Mexico, China, Kuwait, The USA & Spain.

Paper Products

Can Your Fire Proof Sprays Flame Proof Paper?

Very Definitely Yes , Unless of Course The Paper Is Treated With Wax Or Other Water Proofing Material Uses Include Paper Art Projects, Paper Table Wear & Menus ( Careful with the Candles At The Table) Paper Decorations & Flowers, In Fact Paper Most Things We Can Even Make Your Paper Waterproof & Stainproof As Well As Fire Resistant.

Packaging & Dispatch

If I Order Today How Quickly Will I Receive My Goods ?

If Goods Are Ordered Before 2.00PM They Are Normally Dispatched Same Day For Next Day Delivery, All Bulk Goods Are Shipped In UN Approved Containers To Avoid Damage.

Quality Assurance

Do You Have Any Quality Assurance Systems ?

All Our Component Products Are Manufactured In An ISO 9001 Environment We Encourage All Our Suppliers To Be Environmentally Conscious & Work Within ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems.

Residential Homes, Day-care Centres, Nurseries & Crèches

Are Your Flame Retardants Gentle Enough Not To Irritate The Skin?

Yes Flametect Nitro & Nitro D Are Extremely Effective & Skin Friendly flame Retardants They Have Been Used To Bolster Existing Flame Retardant Chairs For The Elderly & Even on Clothing To Allow Elderly Residents To Smoke in Specified Areas. & Whilst We Do Not Advocate Direct Contact With Babies & Children, Nitro Has Been Used In Nurseries & Creches On Curtains , Drapes & Other Materials, Which Children Touch.. Following Several Unfortunate Incidents There Is A Dramatic Increase in The Inspection Of These Establishments With Particular Regard To Flammability Standards , We Are Happy To Advise On Choice Of Materials & Performance To the Relevant Fire Regulations, & Are Equally Happy To Work With The Inspection Authorities.

Stage , Screen Events & Lighting

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Fire Proof Sprays , Easy & Relatively Cheap To Use, A Cost Effective Answer For The Entertainment Industry.

Can Stage / Screen Curtains , Backdrops, Props & Special Lighting Effects Be Made Flame Retardant Using Your Fireproof Sprays?

Very Definitely Yes, We Are Suppliers To Several British Theatres & Opera Companies & Have Also Supplied Film Crews With Our Range Of Fire Proof Sprays , Easy & Relatively Cheap To Use, A Cost Effective Answer For The Entertainment Industry.Specialist Lighting Companies Also Use Our Products For Materials In The Vicinity Of High Power Lighting.

Secure Ordering

If I Order On Line Or By Telephone , Are My Credit / Debit Card Details Secure

Yes All Our Orders Are Processed Using Secure Trading.

Temporary Fireproof Barriers / Protectors (See Building & Construction Above)


Will You Test Our Materials With Your Flameproof Sprays ?

We Will Evaluate Your Materials For Their Suitability For Treatment With Our Flame Retardant Sprays . We Will Evaluate The Overall Flammability Of The Final Treated Item Free Of Charge; We Would Always Recommend That Final Tests Are Performed By An Accredited UKAS Test Facility For Complete Peace Of Mind.


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They Will Not Cause Dermal ( Skin ) Reactions

Vandalism Prevention Of

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Our Sprays Prevent Total Combustion Of The Area.

Vandals Are Constantly Attempting To Ignite My Property, Can Your Fireproof Spray Stop This ?

To A Greater Extent Yes We Have Customers Who Spray The Carpeting & Wall Covering Of Hallways For Example To Prevent Deliberate Ignition From Sources Of Ignition Placed In Letterboxes For Example, Even When Areas Are Totally Flame Retarded Charring Will Occur, But Our Sprays Prevent Total Combustion Of The Area.

Wooden Structures ( See Outbuildings, Sheds, Garages, Barns & Extensions ) eXperiments

Are You Happy To Undertake Trials, Tests & Experiments On Our Materials ?

Yes, This Is An Integral Part Of Our Service, To Evaluate The Suitability Of Our Products On Customers Materials, This Service Is Available To Individuals & Commercial Customer Alike. Following Evaluation We Would Always Recommend The Customer To Seek Independent Verification From A UK UKAS Approved Test Facility, See Testing Above.

Youth Hostels & Other Travelling Accommodation

Zones , War & Secure

How Effective Is The Performance Of Flametect Nitro Fire Retardant Sprays In Secure Areas?

Flametect Nitro Has Been Supplied To the US Military in Kuwait To Spray Onto Upholstery & Bedding Indicating Its Skin Friendliness & Performance In Hostile Environments & Demanding Situations. Flametect C & Nitro Have Been Supplied To H.M. Prison Service For Use In Secure Areas.

Zips & Fasteners

Will Zips & Fasteners On My Material Be Affected By Your Flame retardant On My Fabric?

Flametect C Can Be Corrosive To Metallic Zips & Fasteners, For Complete Confidence Use Flametect Nitro Or Nitro D Where There Are Metallic Components Present, No Corrosion Will Occur With Either Nitro Or Nitro D.