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Concrete Coatings

Fire-protection coating systems for concrete structural elements by ​​​​​​​


The water-based HENSOMASTIK® B 3000 (ablation product) and HENSOTHERM® 820 KS (intumescent) fire-protection coating systems can compensate for insufficient concrete cover after renovation work has been carried out. These products have particularly robust characteristics and are also suitable for use on reinforced concrete structural elements in areas with a high emission loading, such as in underground and multi-storey car parks, to give but one example. They help to improve the fire resistance when there is insufficient concrete cover. With structural elements made of reinforced concrete, for example hollow concrete ceilings, reinforced concrete beams and supports, reinforced concrete ribbed slab ceilings and reinforced concrete flat slab ceilings, then depending on the structural element in question and the quantity applied, fire-resistance times of up to 240 minutes are achieved; the application imposes hardly any structural loading, is space saving and requires no maintenance.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products

HENSOTHERM® 820 KS improves the fire-resistance time of pre-stressed concrete hollow ceilings up to 120 minutes, that of reinforced concrete beams and supports up to 150 minutes, and that of concrete flat slab ceilings and reinforced concrete ribbed slab ceilings up to 240 minutes. Delivery 7-14 days Please enquire for costings

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HENSOMASTIK® B 3000 (Weather Proof)

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HENSOMASTIK® B 3000 improves the fire-resistance time of concrete and reinforced concrete structural parts to up to 120 minutes and is used particularly in areas with high emission loading, such as underground and multi-storey car parks. 25KG Pail Buckets

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Beton Carbonsperre. Concrete Primer

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BETON-CARBONSPERRE is a anti-carbonation protective coating with high hiding power for HENSOTHERM® 820 KS and HENSOMASTIK® B 3000 fire protection coatings on structural elements of concrete and for concrete renovation.Supplied in 21kg Pail Buckets