Flame Retardant Spray Application Recommendations. 

For Imntumescent Coatings please ​​​​​​​See Technical Data Sheets available on the product pages.

Application Of All Of Our Flame Retardants, is Easy, Safe & Mess Free.
Over 99% Of Our Customers Apply The Flame Retardant Themselves.
Many Of Our First Time Users Comment How Easy The Process Was.

Our Repeat Business Simply Confirms The Ease Of Application & The Confidence Of Our Customers In Our Products
In Smaller Quantities, Flametect Flame Retardants Are Supplied In Easy To Use Trigger Sprays & Are To Be Lightly Sprayed Directly Onto The Substrate Until Damp, Not Dissimilar To Spraying Products Like ‘’Fabreeze’’ Fabric Conditioner Or Scotchgard Fabric Protector Onto Textiles.
On Timber & Timber Based Products The Application Is Not Dissimilar to Spraying Or Painting Fence Shed & Timber Preservatives & Is Considerably Less Messy.
In Larger Quantities, The Products Are Transferred To Fine Mist Garden Sprayers ( Hand-Held Or Backpack ) & The Application Process Is Exactly The Same
We Supply Corporate Customers & Hotel Groups Whose ‘’ House Staff’’ Have Applied Large Quantities Of Our Flame Retardants  To Textiles For Many Years Without Event   
Remember, If In Doubt Telephone 0333 050 8401 for guidance.
Just Follow Some Of The Easy Steps Below :-
Health & Safety
All our web based products are classified as water based, non-toxic , non-hazardous , non-allergenic , solvent-free & environmentally friendly.
However we are legally obliged to recommend basic Health & Safety precautions before proceeding with application

Equipment & Preparation. 

Application ( Textiles, Paper & Card ).

Recommendations ( Textiles )

 Application ( Wood & Wood Based Products)